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          Download if you will but the COVIDSafe app is not a condom — or even sunscreen

          Glib tech solutions to complex problems rarely work as well as their spruikers claim, and bring other problems in their wake. So it is proving with the government's contract tracing app.

          Don’t fool yourself: normal life isn’t coming back any time soon

          We know it deep down, even if we don't want to admit it: reopening Australia carries with it a terrible risk.

          ‘Immoral’: how big retailers are using COVID-19 to squeeze suppliers

          Australia's biggest retailers are using COVID-19 as an excuse with their suppliers to demand heavy discounts and delay payments.

          Fact, fiction or conspiracy? Coronavirus theories explained

          Theories and conspiracies on the origin and spread of COVID-19 are running rampant — which ones check out?

          From gangland to Google: tech platform banged up by landmark defamation case

          A Victorian judge has handed down a decision that extends the reach of defamation law way further into the search engine’s bowels than had previously been thought possible.

          Taking out the trash: what our leaders are sneaking through while we focus on COVID-19

          A short summary of changes political leaders are making while most Australians are distracted by the coronavirus pandemic.

          Closed borders and dwindling migration spell an uncertain future for Australian horticulture

          Solving the horticulture industry's reliance on foreign and undocumented workers will require a lot more than just tightening the borders.

          It’s the message, stupid: stop the spread of ‘untelligence’ or face dire consequences

          People aren't stupid. It's more likely they're victims to this spreading plague of misinformation and confusion.

          The odd ways the virus does what Philip Larkin’s parents did to him

          Covid toe? Happy hypoxia? These are just some of the unusual (and horrifying) symptoms that can accompany the coronavirus.

          Fact checking Clive Palmer’s hydroxychloroquine claims

          Billionaire businessman Clive Palmer has taken out ads in major newspapers spruiking hydroxychloroquine as a COVID-19 treatment.

          Leaks upon leaks: how the Libs ‘gleefully’ shared Turnbull’s book

          The publishers of Malcolm Turnbull's new book are calling on police to investigate who was responsible for it leaking early.

          Oil over water: what is behind Angus Taylor’s $94 million US stockpile deal?

          With Australia's precarious fuel reserves suddenly set for a boost, questions remain about Angus Taylor's oil deal with the US.

          Doctor Knew-Much, Did-Little reveals fatal flaws in Ruby Princess’ deathly arrival

          The Ruby Princess inquiry is raising key questions about the independence of cruise ship doctors — is their duty to their patients, or to their employer?

          The NRL is a contact sport both on and off the field. You can bet on it

          If the NRL gets its way, it will be one of only four body-contact sports leagues in the world that punters can bet on.

          The national cabinet’s rules, processes and information are shrouded in secrecy

          The prime minister wants the new national cabinet to be permanent, but experts are worried it hinders Australia's democratic process.

          Harsh actions drive culture change push at the elite end of arts and sport

          The coronavirus crisis has revealed the folly of stacking the boards of cultural organisations with members of the corporate elite.

          Social distancing update: New South Wales

          Here is the latest on social distancing in New South Wales. This article will be updated on a regular basis to keep you informed.

          Social distancing update: Victoria

          Here is the latest on coronavirus social distancing rules in Victoria. This article will be updated on a regular basis to keep you informed.

          ‘Dangerously overlooked’: disability support workers push for higher pay ?

          Disability support workers working with clients who have, or are being tested for, COVID-19, should be paid an extra hourly rate, unions say.

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          Temporary migration curb will terrify neoliberals and place new strains on old-school politics

          The coming debate over the resumption of migration will pit unusual allies against each other.

          End of New York, death of London: why these great cities will never be the same

          The coronavirus may have fundamentally changed our relationship with big cities forever.

          ‘Why does our government listen to experts about the virus, but not climate?’

          A young journalism student writes about what has changed during the time of coronavirus, and what it means for her future.

          tai game bắn cá online miễn phí

          I quit in dismay at Amazon firing whistleblowers who were making noise about warehouse employees frightened of COVID-19.

          TIM BRAY

          In a post on his personal blog, the now-former senior engineer and vice-president at Amazon hits out at his former employer’s “chickenshit” decision to fire and disparage workers protesting over unsafe conditions.

          Peter Dutton once again proves he’s Australia’s most powerful person

          With his decision to allow the New Zealand Warriors NRL team into Australia, the home affairs minister has once again demonstrated his considerable power.

          Lockdowns eased around the globe as Queensland heads back to school

          Catch up with all the latest coronavirus news from around Australia and the world.

          Temporary migration curb will terrify neoliberals and place new strains on old-school politics

          The coming debate over the resumption of migration will pit unusual allies against each other.

          Minister chafes under the burden of partisan lockdown — and the lack of a parliament to flush out dispute

          After weeks of enforced bipartisanship, politicians are chafing at political lockdown. And some unions have never bothered with it.

          Regionals first, now mags: the great media vanishing shows no signs of easing

          Australia's major magazine publisher, Bauer Media, has suspended titles and announced redundancies. Is there any way back from this?

          Newspapers in suspended animation will battle to return and serve the country

          A true picture is emerging of the state of regional media, and it’s not pretty. Will legacy papers be able to rally in a post-pandemic world?

          The right’s attacks on Victorian health official show their failure and desperation

          The attack on Dr van Diemen is a new low in destructive character assassination, driven by bitterness at their own irrelevance.

          Is a new flavour of denialism taking hold at News Corp?

          When it comes to playing down the coronavirus crisis, News Corp is pulling out some tactics that may look familiar...